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hybrid wireless System
Wireless fire protection is becoming widely used to complement cabled systems especially in
areas where it is hard to route cables or in historic or listed buildings where there is a need to
preserve the integrity of the building fabric.
The major advantage of wireless systems over wired systems is the flexibility and speed with
which the system can be installed. The wireless system allows a wired system to be extended
with the minimum down time.
Simply place a sensor onto a wireless base and make the radio link to the transceiver and the job
is complete. With a battery life of up to 5 years maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.
The wireless devices communicate over the wireless link using dual band transfer mode. The
radio technology uses a frequency hopping process in order to guarantee interference immunity.
Using the survey tools will provide a reliable and repeatable evaluation of range and the
optimum positioning of devices.
Three colour traffic light system shows the on-site field strength.
l A green signal indicates movements within the recommended bandwidth
l Yellow indicate that the detector should be repositioned within the building
l Red means that the wireless components are not receiving any, or a low signal, and must be
moved to ensure correct operation. In addition to the traffic light system the absolute value is
given in dB per metre
Manual and Automatic Detectors
A range of automatic detectors is available incorporating Heat, Optical and dual angle optical
heat technologies similar to wired S-Quad.
Additional features
l Battery life up to 5 years
l Transmission distance of up to 300m in free space. This will be reduced by the building fabric
and therefore should be determined by a survey
l A choice of detector technology covering heat, optical and dual optical heat (O2H) technology
l Early warning of battery failure allowing planned maintenance visit

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