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 Single loop fire control panel.
 Up to 127 addressable devices can be connected to a
loop circuit, devices like sensors, call point and
interface units.
 Two master alarm circuits.
 RS485 Port to connect to repeat indicator panel(s).
 RS232 Port to connect to an external printer.
 USB Port to connect to a Commissioning computer.
 Fire Output – One set of clean voltage-free change over
 Fault Output – One set of clean voltage-free change
over contacts.
 Class Change input that actions class change signal to
selected sectors
 Evacuate input that actions all alarm sounders
including master alarms and fire output
 Standby supply to power the system via batteries for
24 hours plus 0.5 hour alarm load.
 Alphanumeric LCD with back light to display event
 Integral 16 zone LEDs (with First fire zone LED
 LED lights for event indications.
 Local audible buzzer for event announcement.
 Push buttons for essential controls and menu driven

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