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universal transmitters are designed for mounting under your existing switch, easily transforming it into a wireless one!
RFIM-20B: 2 inputs, intended for switching with button or impulse, and also for permanent contact = switch
RFIM-40B: 4 inputs, intended for switching with button or impulse
possibility of connection into application where it is necessary to transmit information about status of sensor, detector,
button or logical output
the signal is transmitted via wireless communication between the system units
does not need an external power supply (battery-powered)
transmitters may simultaneously control an unlimited number of assigned actuators, which are within the
range of the RF signal
dimensions allow mounting in an installation box (e.g. KU-68), directly under a wall switch button, without
any other external power supply
can be assigned to RF Control receivers
keep in mind that the radio signal range for RF installations depends on the building structure, materials used
and the manner of unit location in the area
battery life up to 5 year

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