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• Xenex deploys devices on conventional radial wiring layouts using standard 2-core cable
• Device options include a full range of smoke detectors (optical, beam and duct types), heat detectors (fixed
temperature or rate of rise types), sounders, strobes and bells
• Sounder options include shallow base, deep base and bedhead sounder types
• For installations where a high degree of weatherproofing is required, IP55 rated sounders, sirens and bells are
• Common accessories such as manual call points (standard IP54 rated or key operated anti-vandal types,
available as either surface mounted or flush-fitted models), door release units and Xenon flashers can all be
• Spare test keys (for testing manual call points without breaking the glass), spare glasses (packs of 10) and False
alarm verification feature to filter out false alarms is selectable through software

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